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I have a love of life. Some may call me a cynic but I'm truly an optimistic realist. I work on the philosophy “If you expect the worst but aim for the best, you'll land somewhere that's comfortable.”

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30 September 2012

Interview: With Alternative Rock Band - Under A Banner

So, with no further ado, here are the “inspired” questions I put to Under A Banner and Adam's very open responses.

Q: Who would you consider yourself to be similar to, or are you that alternative that you can't size yourselves up against any mainstream artists?

We have been variously compared to Frank Turner, The Levellers and New
Model Army to name just a few.  I'm aware of the last two (we've even
supported N.M.A) but, still to this day, I've never heard any Frank
Turner.  I always tell people we're a mostly acoustic blend of what we feel
has been the best alternative music of the last 40 or so years.”

Q: Other than general life and your emotions, who or what inspires your music?

Nature in all its majesty is a big inspiration, as are politics, people
and thousands of other emotions and abstractions.  I respond lyrically to
anything and everything that's worthy.”

Q: Do you feel as a two person band you're taken any less serious?

Although Jonny and I are the core of the band, we almost always, play as
a full band, with electric as well as acoustic instruments. These include
guitars, keys and violin.”

Q: What are your musical aspirations; do you want to headline at a major music festival or is it all about the music not the “being known” that's important?

Whilst it is primarily about the music, we'd love to play some big
music festivals and large venues around the world. The chief ambition is
to play music for a living.”

Q: Time for a cheesy one! If you could perform with anyone either live or recorded, whom would you choose and why?

Honestly, I'd love to perform with a 10 piece orchestra like one of my
favourite bands Ambrozijn. I'd also like to record with the
backing of celtic harpists and an Indonesian Gamelan orchestra!”

Q: Finally, what special message have you got for the world?

I think that artists with special moral messages sometimes have
questionable motives; they sometimes share these to assuage their guilt.
It would be arrogant of me to try and tell people how to behave. It would
be great if folks could just be nice to one another.  Beyond that, eat
fresh fruit and veg, read a lot and listen to Under A Banner ;)”

Brilliant answers, and hopefully the questions weren't to cheesy.

To find out where Under A Banner are playing and hear some of their great music head to their website, NOW!

They frequently Tweet freebie tracks and links to their great work too - @UnderABanner. They're now on Facebook too. 

2 September 2012

Poem: That Peaceful Moment or Joyous Banter

In that one moment in everyday when all falls dead
Do we keep the serenity and leave the play and joking to the birds in the surrounding trees
Maybe it'd be more appropriate to join them in their jolly banter and larking

Rolling and flapping with out nest mate
Chirping and screeching as we hop and bounce

Just like the birds we can be heard from far but
People don't come to see us even though we are just as natural as the eagle and swan.

My Attempts At Tanka Poetry

The aim is to have no rhyme, I was board and thought why not try a little LGBTQIA and the rest of the letter poetry, to fill out this Sunday evening - here's my attempts

She put on his, dress
Then danced all night with her, man's lover
He, wasn't Into her kind
They both knew it, was a lie
Their lips would never mention it though

She bought him some trousers
She could wear them with no, questions
It'd be harder if mirrored
She loved her, like he loved her
Words not to exchange just meaningful deep looks

They were opposites, but repelled
Love was never likely to happen here
Man, man and women, women
They're both the same but completely polar
When together with another one, despair relents