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15 June 2013

Time For A Third, World War?

So, we've forgotten about North Korea for this week and turned our attention back to Syria.

With Hezbollah now getting involved and the conflict looking like it could spill out of the Syrian boarders into surrounding countries. Is a Third world war a possibility?

If the Syrian Government are allowing Hezbollah to fight along side them it is almost certain that it won't be long before Iran pipes up and tries to join in. After all, there's strong links between Hezbollah and the Iranian Government.

We've already seen air-strikes from Israel on targets inside Syria. We all know what great buddies Israel are with Iran and other Muslim states. I'm speculating that Israel aren't going to let Iranian forces move in next door and let them be. So this then gives the U.S. A reason to back up their mates the Israelis.

At this point the rest of NATO will be breathed into the zone.

Before going into Iraq, the main intel that got the U.S. Interested came from the French – or at least an informant of the french intel services. It later turned out he was speaking out of a muscular ring between his lower cheeks. Admittedly, it also came out later that the C.I.A didn't look at the statements from him as well as they could. We already have the French confirming the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian state against the people – which was one of the “red lines” both the UK and the U.S. Said they'd not tolerate. So, I'm not saying they're wrong against they've been the primary informant if you wish to the U.S. Who's interest has surely got to be greater now. After all, the set limits and stick by them.

But, it's all over there isn't it? For the first few months maybe.

Remember, when we talk about war with Israel and Iran all common-sense is lost. It becomes a war of religion. Unlike two children fighting in the playground we know Iran would be happier without Israel around. We suspect Iran has a plan to make nucular weapons for this purpose. We know that Israel has nuclear capability.

We also know the Russians are happy to feed the war and so are China. China and Russia also back North Korea who are against the South Koreans who are backed by the U.S.

Even if the U.S. Can, keep their fingers off of any weapons trigger – there eye will be off the ball when it comes to North Korea. Times have changed dramatically, I know! Let's not forget though, the only reason the U.S. Got involved in WWII is because of the Japanese hitting Pearl Harbour. With two states (Iran and North Korea) itching for a fight with the U.S. I can't see them leaving them be at peace.

So, we have on team A (Allies)

Team B (Bad Guys)
Syria+Iran+N Korea+Russia+China+A lot of other Islamic States

The interesting country will be Turkey – they are friendly with the U.S. But are far from friendly with the Israelis.

Even if we're sat at home feelings of safety because it's so far away “abroad”. Let's not forget what weapons Team B are happy to use. Their own bodies loaded with explosives, small firearms and bladed objects.

The number of extremists is “low” but how long will it be before that changes. Religion is thicker than blood. Once they see their own being killed it's only time before they take action from the inside.

Nobody, feels safe. Everyone suspects everyone, don't forget white, black, brown and all other colours of people can be any faith they choose.

It might seem very unlikely but let's not forget also – the Syrian war and the Bahrain protests are both based on religion!

If it doesn't go as described above I can almost say the “Teams” will be exactly as above in the third world war.