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I have a love of life. Some may call me a cynic but I'm truly an optimistic realist. I work on the philosophy “If you expect the worst but aim for the best, you'll land somewhere that's comfortable.”

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28 September 2011

My Greatest Day!¡!

Today has been such an amazing day.

I woke-up this morning feeling like death warmed up. I was supposed to have an important appointment but with the way I was feeling there was no way, on this earth, I could of survived the three hour round trip. So after cancelling this I flopped my sorry butt back into bed and got a nice loving cuddle from my, wife-to-be.

After talking to my mum to let her know I'd not be dropping into see her this afternoon – she told me about a furniture store down town that we might like to go and check out.

So, I'm brushing my hair and make-up, feeling a bit better after having my lunch. Then the phone rings. Normally when I'm busy getting ready I get my other half to say I'm on the toilet or something take a message and call them back once I'm done. However, she realised the person was an important official. Thankfully she realised that normal procedure wasn't to be observed. All I can say is it was the right choice. The person had the best newsI've had in a very long time. So, that was the first great point of my day.

Once, I'd finished getting sorted and bouncing around the room with happiness – we headed down town.

Walking up the street we couldn't see the store my mum had been talking about so we did another walk by with still no luck. We decided then to go into “Dreams” mainly because they had a sale on. We saw the furniture straight away that we wanted. I worked out the cost of it all in my head – let the sales man do his “stuff” - then wamb before he knew what was going on, I had him talking money. I told him our budget and he tried to do my budge plus another £10. Sensing the guy was eager for a sale. I asked if the offer would be open in a couple of days, knowing he'd either offer me what I wanted or decline the sale (unlikely). So, we ran to the bank to get the cash out and returned to the show room.

We walked out the door with Free delivery (£25 normally) + Assembly (£95 normally), two bedside tables, a double wardrobe, a chest of 5+2 Draws and a 4Draw chest with £23 off. It might not sound much but a saving of £143 when all the products are all on sale is a pretty good deal. In total we spent £550 on a load of stuff that if not on sale plus our reductions would have been around a thousand pound so...Happy days.

The savings made now means we can pay off the Registry office for our Civil Partnership in just a few weeks time.

Today has become one of the best days of my short life.

Apologies, for this post not being as “interesting” as my usual posts, I just felt the need to share my great day with you all in the blogisphere

21 September 2011


Unidentified Flying Object (U.F.O), really?

If a military force wants to find out about a place they drop in a recon unit/team/cell whatever you want to call it. They get dropped off far from the “target” area then have to move more often than not covertly into the area and when there operate in the same covert way. They don't fly in front of aircraft or let themselves be seen. No big flashing lights or odd looking shapes. They do their research so they know what looks normal before going in.

If a life form from another planet is able to develop a craft to fly from their planet that is undetectable on R.A.D.A.R, why would they ft big flashing lights to them or lights that don't resemble anything on our planet or give off a sound that we'd recognise? A life form with such great intelligence would surely fit their craft with some sort of noise let/speaker to simulate aircraft noise. They must know we can see their lights due to watching us from a distance that we react to light.

The military investigations are often based on civilian sightings. Why, there for when military aircraft or vessels and weaponry not attempt to take them out of the sky? Yes, a weapon to use costs money but then their would be definitive proof there is at very least one extra life form in the universe other than those that are on earth.

I do believe there is more than likely other life forms out there – but I don't believe they would be so lazy with their covertness.

18 September 2011

My Key To A Happy Life

There's two types of people in the world. Those that are truly happy most of the time and those that are seeking happiness most of the time.
In the perfect world we would all have everything we want, fact. This isn't a perfect world, fact.

So, what you need to do to make yourself happy most of the time.

  1. Divide
  2. Analyse
  3. Re-analyse
  4. Act

Find a quiet/silent room where you wont be disturbed or at least where you can concentrate mostly.

Split your life into as many sections as possible. For example: work/home or financial commitments; tasks to be done at home; tasks to be done at work- then categories all 'things' into the right 'box'. Once this is done, you'll have two pieces of important information. The first is, what is the biggest problem for you. This will be probably the one that is either first on the list or that is the longest as it's the one at the forefront of your mind. Secondly, you'll see the real extent of your affairs.

Look at each section in turn task/commitment by turn, ask yourself; “Is there a real need for this/Is this the cheapest it could be/Would I miss this/them?”

Put a tick by all the ones you say yes to, as well as a cross beside the ones you say no to. (you can use any symbol you choose.)

Once you have done this copy out the Yes items and the no items onto two separate leafs of paper.

Go to the Yes sheet first. Slowly and carefully read exactly what you have written, if possible out loud, this will help you focus on the exact thing you should be thinking of. Then ask the same question; “will I miss this/them/Is this the cheapest/Do I need to do this really?”. If, the answer is yes once again – ask yourself “have I checked it's the cheapest/Could I do without this/them/Is this really the best way of doing this/Could I sort the problem out a different way?” Basically, criticise and interrogate your answers and opinions. This will then give you the true answer which may be different from the original answer.

Once this is done, mark the item to show yes or no.

Move on to the No sheet and carry out the same thing on this one.

Once both sheets are ticked crossed marked however you've chosen, Collate the two sets of answers again on individual bits of paper. These are now your Action lists.

Weather it be looking for a lower cost internet provider or finishing a friendship that's a drain it will be on your Action Plan. From your Yes action plan these are things you will keep the same. The action is consistency. With your No Action Plan the action is to finish the friendship, get the satellite TV cut off or loose weight whatever you don't feel is right in your life. Conquer the problem head on. If you are wanting to be more financially flexible but still spend all your money all the time on everything it can't last without debt and stress. You need to look for ways of making savings. If you want less stress and hassle in your life you need to identify it and as far as possible get rid of the cause. Things will feel empty or less cluttered at first and you may feel instantly better or even a little sadness if it's ending a friendship or getting rid of satellite TV if it has your favourite show on it but, This will give you time to find other shows or friends or both.

It is important to do this at least three or four times a year. Don't rush it though! As they say sleep on it. It has been proven that if you go to bed with something on your mind you'll likely have a dream about it and this may help you come to a decision on the matter.

I can't guarantee it will work for everyone all the time or even one person once. I know it is however, what I do and it works for me.

If you look at my profile you will see the quote that basically says, “Aim to do much better than you know you ever can, but set your landing zone somewhere near the middle of where you are and the unrealistic and you'll probably land somewhere comfortable. I use this in every day life, some people may say it makes me less likely to achieve my full potentual but I say it allows me to achieve what I truly can and wish to. In life, there are many factors to consider. The foremost must be yourself in everyone. Your kids are starving so you bust a gut on an empty stomach to provide food but you get so stressed and tired you can't work or you let it all pile up and end your life, you're no use to anyone then – they can't use your bodies natural nutrients for nourishing the land crops grow upon your just left in a hole. Life isn't easy but that is why you need to make it as easy as possible by minimising your external pressures/influences to a level that are manageable and realistic.