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18 February 2013

How I Get Around The World - Virtually Anyway...

I’ve been asked on many occasions: “If you’re blind how can you read this” and other similar variations of the question, and if you don’t know what they are referring to by “this” they mean text online.

I use a couple of methods. I will ever use a magnifier and the remaining sight I’ve got in my eye. Or, I use a built in native screen reading software on the iOS platform. The software is called VoiceOver and is available at no 006xtra charge on all iOS devices. It can be accessed by going down the following path:

Settings > General > Accessibility > VoiceOver

I’d suggest you read the operation instructions before trying it because the touch commands are slightly different.

Anyway – I use VO on my iPhone to read Tweets and to reply along with all the other things you can do on Twitter.

If I am on my computer I tend to just use the 'left overs' of my sight.

I prefer using the computer to the phone because I can type a lot faster. But, with my phone it saves me getting sore and tired eyes.

If I am doing anything longer than a brief e-mail, text or Tweet I just relent and use a computer.

To me this post is a very boring one but I’m sure for many people it will answer lots of questions.

I do the whole tech thing like everything else I do, in a way best to suit me. Some other blind/Severely visually impaired people may just use a magnifier or just a screen reader.

A screen reader; is a piece of software that reads everything on the screen. It identifies things like, links, images and other such landmarks.

You can get screen readers for PCs and Macs but I like to see what I can. As long as I have some sight, I’m reluctant to use VoiceOver on my iMac. Not only would it reduce my browsing experience, it would use up too much additional brain power. Or, in the beginning it would.

I have a basic know how to see me through if the worst did happen but, here’s hopeful that I’ll never have to.

Why have an iMac/iPhone if you can’t see all the flashiness. Simple the cost of a normal none Apple device with an equivalent screen reader would cost the same give or take a few pound. With the none apple devices and the third party software there’s the problem of system vs software conflicts and software vs software conflicts. When a piece of software is designed and run on a machine with the exact software designed for that machine that pouch of problems isn’t there.

I hope this helps and please feel more than free to contact me, via this, twitter or my webpage with any relevant questions. (