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24 December 2012

Proving The Differences Between Nomo's & Homo's

The pro's of proving scientifically there's a physical difference between the brains of hetrosexual and homosexuals are:

The first is obvious, we will know that it is not a matter of choice because very few if any humans or animals can consciously control the development of their neuropaths. This would then make it harder for people to justify homophobia.

Secondly, it would then give us a bases to research the causes and ultimately to see if it is genetical or not. Thereby, reinforcing or not the case of if it's choice or not.

Additionally, if anyone thought they were homosexual they could be “tested” for it. The risk of testing would me that it makes it more of an “illness” but if it was approached in the same way as intelligence with the IQ test then maybe not. This however leads away from the neurology and genetics and into the field of psychology. With many things in psychology they aren't solidly defined and the “choice” argument could creep in. I doubt though, that anyone would “choose” to be clinically retarded nor would they choose to be in a minority (homosexual). Yes, homosexuality could be seen as a negative thing still but at least there would be a marked and defined difference in thought processes and such. How practical this would be I don't know.

The downsides are:

That if there is not actually a difference it will reinforce the choice opinion and help justify homophobia.

However, if there is a difference that isn't genetical and is due to the way homosexuals are brought up. It could lead to abuse of children, young adults and adults that take solace in religions because they find it difficult to understand their feelings.

The people that come out when they are older may then feel worse for not knowing who they were before.

17 December 2012

The Wedding - The Last Post

The “Honeymoon” has been brought to a close by me.

This morning I dragged my butt out of bed after a disturbing choice to voluntarily watch Jeremy Kyle. If you don't know what this is Imagine Ricky Lake but with a male host and a slight increase in civility. If that fails to help you, look it up on YouTube.

So, you want the low-down on the Wedding... Here we go then...

I got up at around 9 a.m.and Sam at 11 a.m. - overall it took us about an hour to an hour and a half to get ready.

We did our own hair and make-up, somehow, everyone failed to point out a unblended patch under my eye. Never mind, we noticed it in the photo's afterwards and that's the main thing right?

My aunt doubled as our chauffeur and our witness. No, she doesn't have the big fancy limo we were planning on but after doing some research, we found that the operators were...pricks! A 2 hour hire was going to cost say £200 as soon as we mentioned the word "wedding" it increased by 50% to a 100%. I could go on a rant here about capitalists and taking advantage of a special day but I shan't. Instead our ride was a very clean and comfortable, gold Renault Cleo.

The only issue was when we got out and Sam came to guide me, I'd already started to move off and she accidentally stood on my dress nearly pulling it down (off). Once I'd regrouped we met with the rest of the “party” and headed in. After being offered a £1,000 to not go through with it and to go away for ever breaking Sam's heart (which I declined) we double checked everything with the Registrar and went through to the “ceremony room”.

On our way through, we had some photo's taken on a little landing leading up to the town museum against a banerstrade. The banerstrade was made from wood and a little creaky, me being me, I turned to Sam and asked;: Babe, will this hold your weight”. Yes, I got laughs but I also got a smack from Sam, still unsure why...

Once everyone else and the dog had their photo's taken on the same little bit we waited a few extra minutes just incase any of the people from Facebook or Twitter that'd been invited were running late (but none turned up). And then...

The bells tolled on our single life (living together) and the key was put in the door of “marriage”. Word by word it turned in the lock, before long the door was open and we walked through it to congratulations from family (in person) and friends (on twitter, Facebook and by text).

Our vowels went like this:

“I promise you loyalty and friendship, and to love you with all that I am and all that I can be. I promise you this from the depth of my heart and mind, for all our life together.”

Then for the exchange of the rings, we went for;

“I give you this ring as a sign of our partnership. All that I am I give to you, All that I have I share with you, for the whole of our life together.”

I was good to recite these off the top of my head but the Registrar got me to repeat after her just incase I forgot them:). Unlikely but it equalled things out because Sam hadn't even learned them as she would of forgot them for sure anyway.

We had more photo's taken and then got back in the car to come home.

Our reception comprised of a buffet put on by Sam's granny. It was tasty and most of the company was good too. The cake was homemade by me and went down well with everyone. It was a lemon and vanilla sponge with white fondant and smarties:)

The topper was the most expensive part at £7.50 from... Yes, eBay!

Sam stayed in her dress for the whole thing but once again me being me and despite people trying to convince me not to I got changed into track suit bottoms and a hoody. Not out of place though because it says on it “OUT And I'm Not Alone”.

After the buffet and cake had been consumed or as much of it that could be, we tide it up and kicked everyone out. Being a social hand grenade can be useful on occasions.

There was no clearing up to be done because Sam's Grandparents did it all to save us the trouble.

We chilled out and at around 9.30 p.m. we ordered a Dominoes Pizza:). Who says romance is dead! We ate the rest of the buffet food over the next two to three days, the cake however didn't last quite as long...

The “Honeymoon” has been staying up most of the night watching movies and telly, eating lots of junk food and sleeping very late. Now I've declared it over and it's time to try and get life back in gear.

Has getting Civilly Partnered/Married made a difference? Yes! We feel much closer now the open door has closed behind us and we are locked in the room that is our relationship. As the saying goes one door closes and another opens. The door on insecurity and "singlehood" has shut but the door to the rest of our life, ("married” life) is wide open. There's no point in marking time, we need to march through that now open door and conquer the lands that lay before us, together, as a team!

To all those that “don't believe in marriage/Civil Partnership” it's not the piece of paper that makes you strong or that declares your love for each other, that just certifies it. It's the action of making that legal commitment by signing yourself into a forever contract. Yes, there is a get out clause but if you focus on that your missing the whole point and I ask you just don't bother getting hitched. Yes, there are times when the clause should be used but it's like a fighter pilot's ejector seat. They know it's there but they don't dwel on it.

Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed this post and here are some photo's for you.

I'd like to say thank you to the following people:

Sam for being silly enough to marry me:)
Chris the photographer for taking brilliant photo's:)
Lee for shooting a great video:) (first shot is of me pulling up my under trousers)
Sam's Grandparents for helping us get the house ready and sorting the buffet out.
My Aunt Lorraine and Sam's dad for being witnesses
Last but in no uncertain terms not least! Everyone who took the time to make our day special with their attendance, cards, messages, posts and tweets. They really did mean a lot.

If you were wondering, and it shouldn't have to be said but... No, I wasn't really bribed with money - it's real life not a soap opera. 

The Registry Office

The Kiss

Sam"s Gran

Sam's Granddad

Sam, Electra & Me

Aunt Lorraine Signing The Register

 Sam's Sister trying (poorly) to cross the cobbled road outside the registry office afterwards.

The Forth Road Bridge outside the Registry office. (Lovely day!)

The Wedding Video:

There we go then! :)
Thanks everyone!

Apologise if I didn't post your photo!

If you're wondering where my family are, read my other posts! :)