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I have a love of life. Some may call me a cynic but I'm truly an optimistic realist. I work on the philosophy “If you expect the worst but aim for the best, you'll land somewhere that's comfortable.”

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16 October 2012

God, Love, Faith And Equality

I use “God” to mean a life force or being that is the patron of something like, Dionysus with wine and partying or Hera with home and marriage. Not just the Bible God.

God is an abstract being. The belief in God is shared by many. To all those that believe in God he is real but is interpreted differently as is his manifestation.

Love is an emotion, an abstract. It is only real to those that have experienced it. Love is shared by many and they believe in it. There's people in the world that don't know what love is, and don't believe it's true because they've never experienced it.

In both cases God and love, just because a person doesn't believe in it doesn't make it any less valid for the people that do.

I can't hold up a photo graph of God and say this is God. I can show you a photo of me practicing my beliefs and say This is how I show God is real to me. I can show you a photo of me and my soon to be wife battering lumps out of each other for a laugh and you'd not think we “love” each other. However, if I show you us on our wedding day holding hands and sharing a kiss, it'd be a different story. For us love is present in both photo's. But, in both you can't see love. You see what signs of love we share. Context is a massive part in life.

If you have to preach a faith or love it doesn't make it anymore real for none believers. It only validates it more in the minds of those that believe in it. If anything it widens the gap between people that don't share a faith – (weather it be, they don't have one or have a different one).

Faith hinders true human equality, if we didn't have a multitude of faiths then we'd all be equal. But, we do have many faiths, as humans we need to work on equality regardless of our own faith. Stop throwing mud at other humans that have different beliefs from us. Slamming a Christian because they believe homosexuality isn't equality. It's in equality. Equality allows us all to have our own thoughts, feelings and personalities. By virtue, if you slam someone for their thoughts etc you're stopping them having equality. You may not agree with their opinions and wish to find out more about their bases. However, it doesn't make their choices any less valid than yours. We are all humans, we are all different. Equality is all about being different and not being judged upon those differences. At least that's what it means to me. It may not be the dictionary definition but the dictionary is a rule book for words. Language is fluid like it moves and develops new directions.

For true equality we don't need faiths but we need to embrace the fact that everyone has their own version of faith.