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18 May 2012

Religion Is The Real Abuser

It has only just occurred to me.

The biggest risk to the development isn't the LGBT community but religion!

Parents have the right to remove their child from any lesson that involves the teachings of another religion. Surely, this doesn't give the child the ability or access to learn abut other faiths and determine if the religion of their “choice” is the one they wish to follow.

It also leaves them ignorant and less knowledgable about other faith groups.

Schools are currently supposed to teach relationship and sex education that is relevant to all pupils. In my experience they only taught about “straight” relationships and all the stuff that comes with it. Given the cries of parents when a teen girl wants to keep a unplanned pregnancy is “you're a child you don't know what you want”. Isn't it more logical if both straight and LGBT relationships and so on are taught at school by default. If they are too young to keep a child how can they be sure they are heterosexual? Like it or not the school bully could be the biggest “Homo' in the school but has to hide it because he doesn't want bullied himself because others are ignorant.

Unplanned pregnancies obviously aren't a concern for a same-sex couple. But STDs are so why leave the LGBT kids with no relevant education as such. Obviously, the same rules apply “if you ain’t playing with it and someone else is put something on it” goes for Gay and Bi folk but for lesbians/Gay Females this is a little less easy to understand in the same context. Not only this but I'm sure we've all said, “why are we learning about geometry, when will I ever need it' this goes for a child that believes and may well be gay at the time of his/her education. Then when the time comes to use that “geometry” you're stuck because you've not bothered to remember it.

Sheltering children in my mind is abuse in it's own right. Obviously unless we're talking about harm then that's vital – but we're not we're talking about opening a young mind to the world in a controlled environment. Where questions can be asked safely and they don't need to go and find things out in a dodgy world called cyber-space. Admittedly the thought of asking questions about “gay things' maybe daunting but if, people know that it's not wrong to question things that fear may be lifted.

For a strong society we need to be open to all things. I've been exposed to lots of different countries, types of people and religions. I for one am very grateful for it. My dad has a saying that I believe to be very true: “If it doesn't upset the horses, nobody gets hurt and they consent – it's up to them what they do”.