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18 June 2012

Wedding All Change

Don't worry we're not calling it all off and going our own way! 

The new outfit plan is a Prince Charley style blouse with the flared cuffs a black waist coat green tartan skirt (not kilt) with black tights and brogues.

It looks so much better than our first "get up" which would of been over kill for a reg office and more formal than jeans etc!

However, the dilemma now is. Since i was a small kid I've never 'done' the whole pretty dresses and stuff. So, for me to wear a skirt out is like "just punch me in the stomach". 

I have been trying to revamp my wardrobe and make it slightly more overly feminine for ages but revert to my comfort clothes. I can't bring myself to dispose of all my favourite "garbs". 

It's not like I'm even bothered about my figure or appearance. It seems to be a mental block!

I should maybe point out - yes, we were going to wear dresses in the first instance but that was different because the skirt was long (makes no sense I know!). We, decided we want the skirts to be just above the knee because Maxi skirts in tartan wouldn't look so good and anything in-between would be even worse!

I'm super fine with make-up, heals and pretty tops but really need some help with this.

So, any one that has faced this, have you got any advice!

16 June 2012

Using Hotmail with Mac Mail Client semi IMAP

Ok, Windows Live Hotmail doesn't have IMAP function for Mac Mail client – but...

If you want to have your e-mails dropped onto your desk top this is what I've done.

Firstly get signed up for iCloud if you're not already.

I say use iCloud because I'm too lazy to see what other e-mail providers support IMAP other than GMail. Anyhow,


  1. Create an iCloud account profile in the Mail app. Mail > Preference > Account tab > Fill in the boxes. Ding, that's step on done.
  2. Go to hotmail and enable forwarding. Options > More Options > e-mail forwarding > insert e-mail address you want it to be forwarded to click save. Ding step two done.
  3. Double check, the frequency with which your mail is check by the Mail app this is in Preferences under the General tab. I've got mine set to every minute!

If you've already had or got a Hotmail account on your Mail client use it's 'out” serve route for the iCloud profile. This will send replies using your hotmail address.

The alternative to this is change to a gmail or iCloud account fully and wave bye bye to your hotmail and enjoy IMAP on you iMac (or other model of Mac, just iMac rhymes).

Plus side to my way is there's no email address to change on every website you have it registered on. The down side is that it's 5 minutes of your life you'll not get back. The down side can be offset by fast forwarding the adverts on a TV show you've recorded or getting your hands on Bernard’s Watch ;).

4 June 2012

Mac Alarm Clock & How To Stop Startup Chime On Mac

If you're a little "geeky" like me :) you might like this post.

There are three parts to this:

  1. Silents the startup chime on the mac.
  2. Get the Mac to come on at a set time.
  3. Get iTunes to function as an alarm clock.
Part One: This bit is really easy.
Download Psst click here ( Once this is downloaded install it and your off. At the minute though not all models are supported. You can tell them weather yours is or isn't using the application.

Part Two: Presuming you've got Psst installed and working.
Head for Applications > System Preferences > Energy Saver. Once in Energy Saver click on the padlock to unlock (if locked) then click on the Schedule button on the right hand side.

In here you can decide weather you want your alarm to be on every day, certain days, just the weekend or just the week days. Here you can also set it to turn off at a certain time too.

Make your choices hit the OK button and then lock the padlock again to save your changes.

Step Three: The slightly “geeky” bit.

Go to Applications > Utilities > AppleScript Editor and open it!

To make iTunes work as an alarm clock I used the following script.

Tell application “iTunes” to play playlist “Your Playlist Name”

Hit complete and then save it as an application.

When saving scripts save them to a place you're going to have to go out of your way to delete them. I've got mine in a subfolder in documents.

Go into iTunes and create a playlist of the same name used in the app you just made. Put the radio stations or tracks you want to hear first thing in it.

So far so good.

Now to make it all come together. Head to System Preferences > User Groups > unlock the padlock > Login Items

Click on the plus symbol on the bottom left and navigate to your application. Set it as the top thing to come on when you turn on. This is probably the point where I should tell you that this application will run every time you start the computer up. So if you don't want everybody knowing your love for Aqua's Barbie Girl probably best not to have that on your playlist first!

Lock the padlock to save the changes making sure your application is checked first.

Restart your computer to see if it's worked.

If it hasn't worked check each step and element out.

It worked for me but if it doesn't work for you or it send your machine into total melt down causing your computer to connect by accident to the CIA/FBI server and delete everything that's not my truck of poop to deal with. i.e. I take no responsibility for anything you do to your computer even if you follow my instruction.