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13 December 2011

Wedding Planning - Part III

So, after asking most of the people on the guest list – it's now shrunk to a point where there'd be no point in having a reception.

My parents are moving out of the Uk to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. My Grand-parents wont be coming because of their homophobia. Leaving me with my sister who `I've never really liked. A family friend who hopefully will make it but that's questionable and my aunt on my mum's side who technically isn't my aunt as she was married to my uncle but now divorced. The bonus is, she'll definitely come.

On my other half's side; there's her mum's sister and her other half. Her mother's aunt and her best friend – this is if she's still alive then neither of them will come. Then from her dad's side there's his parents and brother brother. Of course both her parents will be there and her sister who neither of us really like either.

So, from the twenty-five guests we originally had planned we've now got, the unlucky 13 bumped up to 15 including us.

Now we're just wondering if we should drop the idea of all the excitement, bells and whistles. Rather, just wear nice black heels, black jeans and pink t-shirt with plain white hooded zippers – possibly with white bandanas.

Since my parents will be out of the country, I'm going to try and arrange a live feed through Skype so they can watch live(ish).

Then, maybe a quiet drink in the pub across and up the road a little bit then onto Sam's granny's but that's not been confirmed yet.

The bonus is though. My dad will probably fly us both out to Dubai or somewhere in the UEA for our honeymoon and meet up with us since we'll not have saw each other in ages.

Every plan we make can be perfect – all it takes is one small thing to change it all. Never the less, we will still be getting a Civil Partnership and making our relationship a legally binding one. We will then get properly married once it becomes legal in Scotland on our anniversary.

We'll still be filming the day regardless, just incase the Skype link is lost or whatever. Plus I'm sure they'll be people that wish to watch from far and wide :).