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28 October 2011

Wedding Planning - Part II

Okay, maybe my last post was a little neive.

Yes indeed, it is ver easy to plan a basic, simple and cost effective wedding. However, with a year and a month to go, I feel a bad dose of “Wedding Necrotizing Fasciitis”. Which is a new condition coined by me – here and now. It's a bacterium that infects a female in the planning stages of her wedding. It starts to eat her up from the inside until it leaves her with no brain; feeling deranged and schizophrenic until the wedding is done and dusted.

I've scraped the plain theme to the wedding. I've replaced it for a modern medieval-esk theme. Or at very least in the clothing department.

The modern twist will be. Rather than televising it live on every channel world wide, We're going to film it and after editing will put it on the might power that is YouTube. I'm planning on an ITV 2 documentary style but with all things it may or may not turn out quite as I wish.

With regards to flowers, I'm looking at a small tight poesy of crimson and white flowers, variety as of yet unknown.

Colour scheme as you may guess from the flowers is, crimson and white.

As I think I said last time, I'm the one organising it all so the Crimson and white hasn't been a joint choice but a purely unilateral one on the premises – what I like Sam will like too. Plus, as a Wiccan crimson (red) can be associated with power, love and strength all of which are vital for a relationship as serious and dedicated as a marriage need to survive.White is a colour associated with purity, clarity and freshness, as I'm sure it's easy for a marriage to become, well – full of detritus from external influences thus become cluttered and unclean and very unclear.

For the invitations however, I've decided upon the rainbow flag as a main theme not only because it's a 'Lesbian” wedding but because there's many strands of life and in actual fact the rainbow flag wasn't exclusively designed for the LGBT community. I'm using it to resemble Iris, Greek Goddess of the Rainbow and messenger to the Gods, linking the sky, sea and earth along with all that lies in-between (earth, air, fire, water and spirit) the five sacred elements of the craft.

As for the reception, This will stay a simple and basic sit down meal with a few family and friends. If anyone is interested there maybe a few drinks afterwards and a few little speeches somewhere in the middle of the meal. Weather these should be filmed I'm not yet sure, let me know your opinions.

As for wedding gifts, since we've been living in love by the point of our marriage for five years, I need to find a way of suggesting a monetary gift wouldn't be lazy or crude but much more easy and useful for us.

Since the Wedding is in November I need to find both a suitable location and time for the photographer to take the wedding photos. I've got many ideas but all seem to be hampered by modernness – I.e, development not suited to the landscape.

So, the registry office has been properly booked and reserved with the rest of the cost to be paid of when the paperwork is put in which is a little silly. I don't understand why they can't just take it prior to 'lodging the paperwork”.

I've started whittering away so, I shall wrap this up and go find some IV antibiotics to try and cure the WNF before it takes over. Enjoy.

2 October 2011

Wedding Planning

On TV these days you can find so many shows about wedding planning or who's wedding is the best.

The truth is wedding planning isn't hard and everyone's wedding is the best because it's their wedding.

The most important thing, that to me seems to be forgotten about when planning a wedding is: true and deep love for one another.

For example, on a British TV show called “Don't Tell The Bride” - I've heard it said several times, “he better not/do … or I'm not marrying him”. This would suggest to me the bride clearly isn't mature enough or love enough or trust enough to be married anyway.

I also don't understand why people have big fancy weddings, spending thousands if not tens of thousands on one day. I understand that they'd like it to be rememberable and perfect – these perfections are based on other people's weddings or tradition. The most perfect day for me will be when I'm stood in front of the Registrar with my FiancĂ©e beside me. While our families and friends witness us declare our true love for one another and make our relationship a legally binding contract thus making it a serious and legally recognised relationship. This is not to say a relationship that hasn't been legalised isn't serious.

Some may go as far as saying a marriage is only true if it is held in a religious place. I personally believe that the Gods and Goddesses/”God” or whoever you believe in, wouldn't of guided you that way if it wasn't supposed to be special.

As it stands we can't have a religious ceremony even if we wanted but that's a different post. So, we've selected our Registry Office and date which was easy. We've also selected our reception venue and our guests. We're keeping it small to just close family and friends so our trouble was deciding who we weren't inviting – not that we know many people or have many friends – but it only took us a day or so. It then only took the next day to book both things.

The clothing for the “big day” was a little more complicated, would it be traditional dresses or trouser suits or maybe something else? We've now opted for a maxi skirt suit as it's going to be in late November so warmth is key. The colour was also decided upon, cream/ivory. I wanted pink but then I realised this would be pretty unoriginal considering it's a “Gay Wedding” and blue which Sam wanted was also unoriginal for a “Lesbian Wedding'.

However, we're going for pink and white flowers and rainbow bits and pieces for the reception along with the twin brides on top of the cake.

There's not much more than that to arrange vehicles is easy PINK LIMO if we have enough if not then it's fine we'll walk or get a taxi. As for wedding favors we're going to have little goodie bags like at a child’s party.

Easy as pie. We've come to a rough price of around £1,200 all included.

As for the honeymoon this isn't vital and will probably just be done at a later time.

Just watch my other half contradict everything I've just said in the comments section lol.